SAPPHIRE 2018: Further Blockchain Adaptation with SAP

At the SAPPHIRE conference, SAP announced some blockchain-relevant news. The SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain was presented as Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. The company also announced the formation of a Blockchain consortium with well-known companies.

SAP has been quite active in the blockchain area for some time now.

Bitcoin news has written about this commitment in various places

At this year’s Bitcoin news conference, the SAP event of the year, the company presented three major innovations: Firstly, a blockchain consortium is to be founded with various other companies. Even more interesting is that the launch of the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain was announced at this conference.

Finally, a presentation was held together with Modum in which Torsten Zube from SAP and Marc Degen from Modum jointly presented a use case. The cooperation between the two companies in return for the first two is not a complete novelty, but both companies will present the result of their cooperation at SAPPHIRE.

All innovations are aimed at supporting blockchain adaptation in the industry. A study by Gartner at the beginning of May showed that the majority of companies still have no interest or expertise in implementing the blockchain in their companies.

From SAP’s point of view, blockchain solutions that are easy to implement and a consortium of cross-company communication would be important steps in blockchain adaptation.

The Role of the Blockchain Consortium

The corporate world cannot simply be described as “we against all”. Even though different companies in the same industry are often competing against each other, there are always challenges that can best be tackled together. In a world with increasingly networked value chains, cross-industry communication is also necessary.

In terms of blockchain technology, such communication and cooperation is even more necessary. The trend in industry 4.0 also includes decentralized production, the backbone of which can form the blockchain. The realization of this vision of a network of supply chains requires the cooperation of various stakeholders.

SAP has therefore founded a worldwide blockchain consortium. The goal of this consortium is to advance blockchain adaptation in various industries by defining common industry standards. Besides SAP, A³ by Airbus, Hewlett Packard and Intel are co-founders of this initiative.

SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain: Blockchain Services for All
The aim of the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain is to create a platform with which every SAP customer can quickly deploy blockchain technology in their company. With this platform, users can quickly write their own blockchain applications or extend existing solutions with a blockchain.

Both Hyperledger Fabric and MultiChain will be available as private blockchain solutions. Since SAP believes in a technology-independent approach, it is planned to integrate further blockchain technologies in addition to the two mentioned.

With the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain and the founded consortium, the company is taking a further step towards blockchain adaptation.